Jack Hunt Sixth Form Prospectus 2023

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3 jackhunt.peterborough.sch.uk 2 A WARM WELCOME TO JACK HUNT SCHOOL SIXTH FORM CONTENTS At our Sixth Form we have a strong ethos centred on the belief that every student has the right to a first-class education, and we consistently promote high expectations for all our students. Our core values are Hard work, Integrity, and Kindness. Jack Hunt School Sixth Form is a vibrant place of learning, underpinned by expert teaching of a challenging curriculum. We provide high levels of pastoral care and support via our fantastic House system, as well as a comprehensive PSHE programme. We believe that for Sixth Formers to thrive, they need to be happy, safe and receive high levels of support. We think that enrichment opportunities are important for all students, and our offer in this area is extensive. We believe in high standards of conduct, and our Sixth Form is a happy and calm place to learn were positive relationships flourish. Academic success is very important to us, and we have a strong track record. Our students have strong destinations after leaving Jack Hunt School including Oxbridge and Russell Group Universities. However, academic success is only part of our purpose. We also develop the qualities that are important in any young person such as self-reliance, courtesy, respect, initiative, and determination. We were delighted that in July 2022, Ofsted said about our Sixth Form: ‘ Leaders have high expectations of students in the Sixth Form. High-quality teaching ensures that students are making good progress in their subjects. Teachers support students to complete challenging work to a high standard. Expectations of students’ conduct are high. Students appreciate the pastoral support and careers advice that they receive from staff.’ I am very proud of all our Sixth Form Students, and I hope that you will seriously consider Jack Hunt School for your Year 12 and 13 studies. Jon Hebblethwaite Headteacher We are absolutely committed to ensuring that students who join us receive a first class education through high quality teaching, a hugely supportive pastoral system, consistent high expectations and excellent information, advice and guidance on what to do with the range of university and apprenticeship options available in the modern world. We will push students to think hard, work hard, behave with integrity and kindness in order that they will have high ambition and belief that they can achieve their potential. Our Sixth Form is a happy and cohesive place to learn, with fantastic opportunities for students to extend their profile beyond the classroom. I look forward to meeting you and working with you in the application process and beyond. Tim Perkins Assistant Headteacher (Sixth Form) Jon’s Welcome 3 Tim’s Welcome 3 The Curriculum 5 High Expectations 7 Academic and Pastoral Support 9 The Enhanced Curriculum 10 One Touch Football Academy & Education Scholarship 13 Student Leadership Opportunities 14 University, Careers and Apprenticeships 17 Facilities 18 Jon Hebblethwaite Tim Perkins

5 jackhunt.peterborough.sch.uk 4 THE CURRICULUM Our Sixth Form offers a broad and balanced curriculum focussing on a wide range of academic A-Level courses but also offering robust vocational courses which prepare students for the next phase of their educational journey, whether that is university or an apprenticeship. Every student opts for 3 A-Level or equivalent courses from our curriculum and we heavily support the transition from Year 11 into Year 12 ensuring that students are placed on courses appropriate to them, enabling them to achieve success throughout the 2 years. Built into their curriculum is the Enhanced Curriculum and PDE, but also Silent Study, Study Skills with the Academic Mentor and Independent Study Periods so that students can use this time to focus on studying their academic courses in depth. “ The core of Jack Hunt is hard work, integrity and kindness and they set example after example of these traits on a daily basis. And challenge us to do the same.” Year 12 Student

7 jackhunt.peterborough.sch.uk 6 HIGH EXPECTATIONS At Jack Hunt School Sixth Form we have high expectations based around our Core Values of Hard Work, Integrity, and Kindness. Our goal is to ensure that every student achieves their potential and that we provide them with the tools to become academically outstanding but also fantastic young people who will go on to achieve great things in their lives. We are constantly monitoring academic progress and performance and have programmes of intervention if required, we also make sure that students understand the importance of attendance and punctuality and work with parents and families to ensure that students attend school every day on time. Our students are role models for the rest of the school, and we always instil this responsibility in them so that younger students can be inspired by our Sixth Form students. We insist on the highest standards of behaviour in our Sixth Form, students must rise to this challenge and ensure that every day they behave as role models and are aspiring to be the best they can be.

9 jackhunt.peterborough.sch.uk ACADEMIC AND PASTORAL SUPPORT We believe that Academic and Pastoral support is crucial in supporting our students to always perform at their best. All Sixth Form students have a dedicated Tutor who they see every day during Period 1. We have a programme of activities during including University/Careers Advice and Guidance, Leadership Opportunities, Team Building, Academic Study Planning and a weekly assembly. The tutor will closely monitor students learning, progress, attendance, punctuality and intervene if necessary. Alongside the tutor team, we have our Student Support Officer who will work with staff, students, and parents to ensure that barriers to learning and success are dealt with as and when they occur. The Head of Sixth Form and Deputy Head of Sixth Form oversee all aspects of Sixth Form life but with the clear intention of ensuring that every student is the best they can be and aims high to achieve their potential. Finally, we have an Academic Mentor who works with small groups to develop study skills, help students organise and prioritise work and meets with students in a 1-2-1 situation to support any academic issue they may be encountering. 8 “ During A-Levels, there were many people I could turn toward for help such as my personal tutor, Sixth Form Team and even Prefects who are compassionate and understanding and will do their absolute best to make you feel heard, seen, loved and valued.” Year 12 Student

10 11 jackhunt.peterborough.sch.uk THE ENHANCED CURRICULUM We believe it is vital that students participate in a rich and varied extra curricular programme. Sixth Form students have access to our whole school extra curricular clubs, House competitions, and school teams, but also participate in activities which are specifically aimed at the Sixth Form. Universities and employers are increasingly interested in the wider profile of students and so we encourage all our students to participate and take these opportunities. To support this, students have one lesson a week known as the Enhanced Curriculum in which students can opt for activities such as the Higher Sports Leaders Award, Employability Skills, Recreational PE and Duke of Edinburgh Award. We also offer a Personal Development Education lesson to all our Sixth Form students, giving them insight into key topics such as Health and Well Being, Relationships and Living in the Wider World. Our students also have access to a variety of internships and experiences through our Linkedin style digital education platform ‘Globalbridge’. “ During my A-Levels I received support from the Sixth Form team and my teachers when deciding which course to choose, which university to apply for and how to achieve the grades I needed in order to be accepted into my first choice university. My experience at Jack Hunt School Sixth Form has been wonderful and I have made memories with teachers and friends that I can cherish my whole life.” Year 13 Student

13 jackhunt.peterborough.sch.uk 12 ONE TOUCH FOOTBALL ACADEMY AND EDUCATION SCHOLARSHIP Jack Hunt School Sixth Form has now partnered with One Touch Football Academy & Education Scholarship based at Netherton Utd FC. Students who meet the school’s entry requirements will be able to study A-Levels in our Sixth Form. Students would attend school within the normal school day, 8.40am – 3.10pm and then go to Netherton Utd FC at 3.45pm – 5.30pm to access One Touch Football Academy, opening pathways into careers in football and sport in general. At One Touch Football Academy & Education Scholarship our students get access to match analysis through GPS vests, VEO camera for recording performance, a physiotherapist and access to UEFA qualified coaches everyday. Students will also have the opportunity to compete competitively in the AoC British Colleges League. We offer a number of beneficial excursions during the course to the likes of St Georges Park, the home of the England National team along with monthly guest speakers from a number of professional football clubs to provide opportunities for all our learners. Since One Touch’s Education Scholarship started, we have had two players go on trial at two professional football clubs with one of them being Crystal Palace FC who compete in the Premier League. A student described their experience with us as “the course is the next best thing to being in a professional football academy”. We are based at the home of Netherton Utd FC where inclusion matters. Netherton Utd offers a wide range of football for the local community – adults, disability groups, walking football, boys and girls so there is a football opportunity for everyone!

15 jackhunt.peterborough.sch.uk 14 STUDENT LEADERSHIP OPPORTUNITIES Our Sixth Form students are encouraged to participate in a wide range of leadership opportunities as it gives them fantastic life skills such as communication, cooperation, empathy, teamwork and so much more. Students revel in these opportunities and are always looking for more ways in which they can have a positive impact on the younger students in our school and the wider community. Examples of leadership opportunities include Higher Sports Leaders Award (UCAS Points attached), Duke of Edinburgh Awards scheme, National Literacy Trust – Literacy Champions, Leading debates with lower school Form Classes, Nene Park Trust Volunteering, Tutoring Maths and English to KS3 students, Jack Hunt School Open Evening and being part of Student Leadership Group working with charities and other leadership activities within the school and local community. “ Jack Hunt Sixth Form provided the opportunity to become an English Tutor for Year 7-9, which I did throughout Year 12, as well as the chance to be a head student, involving regular meetings to discuss and implement incentives for fellow students. In summary, I have progressed both personally and academically, and will soon become a part of my first choice university.” Year 13 Student

17 jackhunt.peterborough.sch.uk UNIVERSITY, CAREERS AND APPRENTICESHIPS We have the full range of support available for our students as they look forward to the next phase of their educational journey, whether that is University or Degree Level Apprenticeships. Every year many of our students attend Russell Group Universities and this year we have developed strong links with Cambridge University which will see several of our high attaining students go onto Oxbridge programmes such as ‘Target Oxbridge’ ‘HE Plus’ UNIQ (access programme for Oxford University) and summer schools with the London Med School and Sutton Trust. These links show our ambition and our high expectations in opening doors for our students to the best universities and the exciting opportunities available to them. We have a ‘Higher Education Champion’ who works with our students in a one-to-one capacity and work with further external partners ‘Zero Gravity’ and ‘Parent Power’ to support our students in the University application process. We also collaborate with ‘Growth Works’ who connect schools with the local labour market and we offer careers presentations from apprenticeship providers, local businesses, professionals and our extensive alumni network ensuring students are exposed to a variety of employers. 16

18 FACILITIES We are very fortunate to benefit from superb study facilities in the Roy Duncan Sixth Form Centre. This modern and stylish purpose built Sixth Form Centre has two floors which caters for lessons, outside speakers and meetings enables students to study purposefully during their independent study periods. This is in addition to the impressive Library Resource Centre and other curriculum area study spaces that we allow our Sixth Form students to work in means students always have a space in which to concentrate, work hard and study. A real bonus for our Sixth Form students in the Book and Latte, a café exclusively for Sixth Form students who can purchase refreshments while working collaboratively to develop an ethos of team cohesion within our Sixth Form Centre. jackhunt.peterborough.sch.uk 19

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