Admissions Timetable

Timetable for Year 7 Applications

31 October 2016

Closing date for all applications (to be classed as ‘on-time’)

1 November 2016

Any applications received from this date will be clearly marked/noted as ‘late’ and dealt with accordingly

27 November 2016

Final date for consideration of new applicants to Peterborough or any change of address requests (the second deadline date)

(No more applications will be added to the database (these will now wait until after the allocation))

1 March 2017
National Offer date

Application offers available on School Administration Website, Letters to parents notifying them of allocated school

15 March 2017

Parents to contact school to accept place, or email to refuse a place.

22 March 2017

Late allocation date and/or second allocation, for those received after 1 November 2016 and for any new/amended applications

29 March 2017

Deadline for parents included in the March allocation to return appeal papers to Legal Department (20 school days after allocation date).

19 June 2017

Deadline for appeals (submitted by 29 March) to have been heard (40 school days from deadline date)

updated January 2017