Jack Hunt School - 2023 Prospectus

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2 CONTENTS Headteacher’s Welcome 3 Making the transition from Primary to Secondary 5 The Curriculum 7 Our House System and Pastoral Care 9 Inclusion 10 Extracurricular and Enrichment 13 Student Leadership 15 High Attainers 16 Parent Partnership and Homework 18

3 jackhunt.peterborough.sch.uk A WARM WELCOME TO OUR SCHOOL At Jack Hunt School (JHS), we have a strong ethos centered on the belief that every student has the right to a first-class education, and we consistently promote high expectations for all our students. We want all our learners to leave JHS well educated; of good character; and ready for ambitious next steps. Our core values are: • Hard Work • Integrity • Kindness Jack Hunt School is a vibrant place of learning, underpinned by expert teaching of a challenging and broad curriculum. We provide high levels of pastoral care and support via our House system, as well as a comprehensive PSHE programme. We think that enrichment opportunities are important for all students, and our offer in this area is extensive. We believe in high standards of behaviour and conduct, and our academy is a happy and calm place to learn. We are a diverse and inclusive academy, and we are committed to comprehensive education. Academic success is very important to us, and we have a strong track record. Our students achieve well and many progress into our successful and flourishing Sixth Form. Our students have strong destinations after leaving Jack Hunt School. However, academic success is only part of our purpose. We also provide excellence in music, drama, sport, and the arts and we value all practical and creative pursuits. We also develop the qualities that are important in any young person such as self-reliance, courtesy, respect, initiative, and determination. We are an outward facing school. We are proud to belong to Peterborough Keys Academy Trust, and this gives us the opportunity to collaborate with other schools. We also work with an extensive network of education providers, businesses, and charities. These networks allow us to offer our students a rich blend of opportunities. It is a privilege to be Headteacher of Jack Hunt School and I would love to show you around To book a Headteacher’s tour, please contact me on headteacher@jhs.pkat.co.uk Jon Hebblethwaite Headteacher


5 jackhunt.peterborough.sch.uk MAKING THE TRANSITION FROM PRIMARY TO SECONDARY SCHOOL We know that transition from primary to secondary school is a big event for families. Jack Hunt School works closely with all our partner primary schools to ensure that students are familiar with our key staff, aims and values prior to starting in September. We have a team of staff who support the transition from primary to secondary school by working with Year 6 Teachers, students, parents and carers. We liaise with our primary colleagues so that we can share as much information and knowledge with staff at Jack Hunt School. We also visit each primary school to answer questions about being a student at Jack Hunt School. We also have a dedicated transition page within our learning platform that new students can access. In the summer term we invite all parents and carers for a primary transition evening so that they can meet key staff and gain further insight into the pastoral support system and our expectations. All students will visit Jack Hunt School for a transition day where they get to experience being a Jack Hunt student and what to expect for the new academic year. We also arrange some additional visits for students where we feel it would be most helpful in settling them into life at Jack Hunt.


7 jackhunt.peterborough.sch.uk THE CURRICULUM The curriculum at Jack Hunt School is rich and varied; created to produce a broad and balanced experience for our students. We adhere to the national curriculum ensuring depth and breadth in learning. All the students build new skills and acquire new knowledge through high quality learning experiences both inside and beyond the classroom. We believe every student is capable of excellence and Jack Hunt School will provide the learning environment for them to achieve their potential. We regularly celebrate success and progress through our pastoral system and house assemblies. We recognise the importance of examination results in enabling our young people to move to the next stage of their learning to prepare them for life beyond education. We value community and celebrate the diversity of our school to ensure all students feel welcome. Key Stages Key Stage 3 – Years 7-9 Every child has a wide experience across a range of subjects. These include art, drama, design & technology, languages, physical education, personal development education, music and humanities whilst maintaining a strong focus on the core subjects of English, maths and science. Students in Year 7 also study My World. The purpose of this subject is to reinforce and further develop a passion for learning, prepare students with the skills and behaviours for GCSEs, and embed high expectations and aspirations. Key Stage 4 – Years 10 & 11 Students will study English, maths, science, religious education, personal development education, and physical education. Students also opt for up to four other subjects. Key Stage 5 – Years 12 & 13 The Sixth Form curriculum offers a wide range of subjects and students can study both A-Level and vocational qualifications. Sixth Form students also follow a core programme that provides support and development for life beyond secondary education.


9 jackhunt.peterborough.sch.uk OUR HOUSE SYSTEM & PASTORAL CARE Students are placed in one of six Houses on their arrival in Year 7 where they remain throughout their school life. The six Houses: Brunel, Curie, Einstein, Kennedy, Mandela and Nightingale are the heartbeat of our school. Every student is placed in a vertical tutor group consisting of 4-5 students from each year group. Not only do students develop friendships with students beyond their year group, but the older students provide support and mentoring to the younger age groups. Each house consists of a Head of House, Student Support Officer and Tutor Team that has a deep understanding of every student in our care. Each House has its own identity and there are numerous competitions between Houses that culminate in the winning of a House Trophy. The House system promotes student leadership with opportunities to work as prefects, sports leaders and student mentors. Through the House system we encourage strong parental partnership, from parent/carer consultation evenings, curriculum evenings, one-to-one meetings, student exhibitions and school events. This contact is vital to ensure a smooth, successful and supportive path through secondary school.

10 INCLUSION Jack Hunt School recognises that the learning journey and process is unique to every individual. We ensure all SEND students are fully supported and challenged in their lessons, as well as providing individual and small group support when required. The SEND team work closely with parents/carers and external agencies to ensure that provision is excellent. We also have a specialist HUB provision for learners with a physical disability. The Hub is well-resourced and staffed to support learners to access a broad and balanced curriculum as independently as possible, whilst meeting physical access needs within the whole school environment. The Hub is supported by a range of external services including Occupational & Physical Therapists. The school strives to meet the needs of all students, amongst whom are a number of students whose first home language is not English. A specialist team of language support staff work alongside teachers to ensure that all students, whatever their stage of learning in English, are given access to the full curriculum.

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13 jackhunt.peterborough.sch.uk EXTRACURRICULAR & ENRICHMENT We keep our students busy out of the classroom. We run a lot of extracurricular clubs and competitions that students can access all through the year. Students can take part in a range of clubs, for instance, sport, music, drama, science or young inventors. We also run house competitions and run activities to support local and national charities. Extracurricular activities are a great way of meeting new people and developing friendships, learn something new or master existing skills. Students can also represent Jack Hunt School through inter-school sport in activities including football, netball, basketball, dodgeball, rounders and athletics. We want all students to make the most of these excellent opportunities. Many universities ask for students to develop their learning beyond the classroom and to be inquisitive and thoughtful. We offer a two-week work experience through our curriculum and have an extensive careers programme that supports students to achieve their future aspirations through study at university, apprenticeships or employment.


15 jackhunt.peterborough.sch.uk STUDENT LEADERSHIP At Jack Hunt School we develop the leadership potential and skills of all our students. Leadership develops crucial skills that are so important for learning personal development. Leadership plays a vital part of sporting events, house activities, school performances and school events. We have a supportive mentoring scheme through our vertical house system which encourages older students to support the younger ones, helping them to feel welcomed, valued and part of our school community. Some other examples of student leadership in Jack Hunt School include: • Students running sports events and festivals for primary school pupils. • Students organising and running city wide sports events through our sports partnership. • House Captains and School Prefects. • Sixth Form students mentoring GCSE students in a range of subjects. • Supporting Year 6 students during transition events. • Organising events to raise money for local and national charities. Student voice is also extremely important, and this is empowered through our whole student council.

16 HIGH ATTAINERS Jack Hunt School provides high quality teaching in a caring environment. We encourage high attainers with programmes that provide stretch and challenge across the curriculum. Our teachers provide teaching and learning at the highest levels within and beyond the curriculum. The highest expectations encourage attainment to the highest levels for high attainers aiming for Grade 9’s at GCSE and A-Level. In the Sixth Form students are exposed to a wide variety of universities, apprenticeship providers and employers. Students all experience a mock workplace interview in Year 12 and a Higher Education interview in Year 13. Whilst many of the experiences we offer in school are face to face, students also have access to a variety of internships and experiences through our Linkedin style digital platform Globalbridge. We work closely with the East Anglian University Consortium and all students have a one-to-one meeting with a Higher Education Champion. In the Sixth Form we also collaborate with Growth Works, a company who connect schools with the local labour market and offer presentations from apprenticeship providers, this, alongside our industry champion from Keir Construction, ensures students are exposed to a variety of employers. In the application process, be that for apprenticeships, university or employment, students are supported by their form tutors and the Sixth Form Team. Many of our students who have taken up offers to attend Summer Schools or Sutton Trust Events are also offered e-mentoring by undergraduates.

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18 PARENT PARTNERSHIP & HOMEWORK Working with parents is very important to Jack Hunt School so we can all support academic performance, support wellbeing and working together to help everyone achieve their chosen progression route through and after school. From parent/carer consultation evenings, to meeting key staff before students enter Year 7, this contact is vital to ensure a smooth and successful journey through school. We engage parents in many different ways to support students, including: • Personal tutor evenings. • Curriculum information events. • Year 7 exhibition events. • Careers and options evenings. Homework and Independent study are habits that will help our students achieve success. Students are encouraged to try their best on their homework and to try and produce work they are proud of. As students enter their examinations, we offer extensive support with revision including support sessions after school, on Saturdays and during the holidays.

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J A C K H U N T S E C O N D A R Y S C H OO L H A R D WO R K | I N T E G R I T Y | K I N D N E S S Jack Hunt Secondary School, Bradwell Road, Peterborough PE3 9PY Email: info@jhs.pkat.co.uk | Tel: 01733 263526 Jack Hunt School Official | jackhuntschool | @JackHuntSchool jackhunt.peterborough.sch.uk