China Exchange 2016

Keep up to date with events on this year's China Exchange with regular updates from Mr Barwise and the rest of the group.
  • Time Flys when You're Having Fun!

    Posted: 22/04/16

    Well what a day we have had!  It is hard to believe that this is our final day. We have been here for a long time, but it also seems that our time has flown by.

  • A Quiet Day in Zhujiajia

    Posted: 20/04/16

    The group had a much more relaxed day today visiting Zhujiajia, an ancient water town.

  • Inspiring Day at School for Migrant Workers

    Posted: 20/04/16
    Today has been a busy but inspiring day.  The students spent time at a migrant worker school teaching English & Dogeball to classes of 45 before returning to run an extremely succesful Sports Festival.  It's been hard work, lots of fun and a real eye opener showing the differences accross the different types of schools in China.
  • And They're Back!

    Posted: 18/04/16

    Our afternoon peace was shattered today by excited screaming as the girls (and boys) returned from homestay!

  • Shanghai Day and Night

    Posted: 14/04/16

    Another hectic day seeing the sights followed by an evening River Cruise to see Shanghai by night

  • Middle School Fun

    Posted: 18/04/16

    The students have had a fun packed day at the state run school in Pu Xing today before they head off on their homestay visits.

  • Safe Arrival & Exciting First Day

    Posted: 13/04/16

    After a long journey the group have arrived safely in Shanghai and after a quick lunch have already been to visit a historic part of the city and been welcomed whole heartedly to the Gold Apple School.

  • A Busy But Fun Day in the Classroom

    Posted: 13/04/16

    It seems that we have avoided jet lag! Perhaps due to the very busy day yesterday but we all seemed to sleep well, and the students all jumped out of bed ready to start the day at 6.15… well perhaps a few needed a bit more encouragement to get up!

  • An Early Start, a Relaxing Afternoon and an Exhilerating Evening

    Posted: 19/04/16

    The students were up early for the Monday morning flag raising and packed in lots of activities in their long day.

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