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Eggstra News!

Last Arrivals.

By the close of school on Thursday nine out of eleven eggs have hatched producing healthy, noisy little chicks. Unfortunately the last two did not hatch and had to be separated from the batch :(

We have had many visitors descending on the department with big grins on their faces, desperate to have cuddle time with the chicks - and that's just the staff!  The English Department have been particularly broody - giggling and sneaking around taking photos of each other.

Hen Solo made it into staff briefing. He watched Mrs Kilbey hand out some head teacher awards to some fabulous padwans - the Force in these ones strong is!

The chicks have headed off to Chez Elkins this weekend for some well earned R & R. They will be winging their way back to Learning Support on Monday morning.

If you have any photos of our chicks please send them to me so that I can post them on our blog. Send all photos to