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Day 4 - Some Inspiring Lessons

Today we were in lessons for the morning and saw a real range.

 Mr smith has been doing some maths, inspired by todays lessons that we observed, and estimates that the staff have survived the last 4 days on 20 hours sleep – and vast quantities of coffee consumed at every opportunity, some even dissolved in hot water!! But  we are really enjoying the China trip and wouldn't change a thing, except for the sleep and possibly having some heating in Mr Smith and Mr Barwise's room!! (The students rooms are all well heated!)

Today we were in lessons for the morning and saw a real range. The first lesson was an English lesson, grade 8 – so year 9. The topic was ‘A Dangerous Servant’ and, as you would expect, was about electricity production, supply and storage in batteries.  When I told the students mid-way through that this was an English lesson they were certain that it was science. Each lesson is 40 minutes long with a 10 minute break between, staff move to classes with the students staying in their ‘home room’ a very different set up to schools in the UK, but educationally a better method to aid learning. The next lesson was algebraic equations – it was lovely to see the students faces light up as we told them. This lesson was taught fully in English, taught by Mr Gabriel, a teacher from London. The equations were simplified to give an answer that gave a clue to a code, they were working with Chinese students, and it was great to see them all working well together. The final lesson was Physics, an amazing IGCSE level lesson, taught by a Canadian teacher, Alan.  A very impressive teacher, he made the topic fun and interesting and very accessible. (I spent a while telling him how wonderful Peterborough is Mrs Kilbey!) In fact the lessons went on well into the 10 minute break as the students were enjoying it so much.

 After lessons we had lunch, the Chinese staff look after us so well that there are chips every day, but we want the students to be more adventurous so we have asked if we can be in the main canteen next week and have more authentic Chinese school lunches. We are in the canteen for breakfast and the students are trying more and more of the offerings, todays was a plate of mini spring rolls, fantastic, just need some sweet chilli dipping sauce (and a coffee) and you have the perfect breakfast in my view.

After lunch students headed up to the dorms to pack, this is usually the time when they start to get nervous but they were all really relaxed, as they have spent much time with their homestay students already. Soon back down in the meeting room they sat with their homestay parents and Cici went through the expectations again before they were all off! So 3 staff left alone! What to do, Mr Smith suggested that we should differentiate some A level PE worksheets that he had with him, Mrs Wheatley suggested that we assist in preparing a training session and assembly that she has the week we get back, and Mr Barwise was wanting some input to plan a new scheme of work on Glaciation. It was clear that we would never agree. A quick game of paper scissors stone and it was sorted. We went to Starbucks for coffee(s) and cheesecake with Alan the Physics teacher and told him even more about how wonderful Peterborough, and Jack Hunt School in particular, is.

This evening the staff went out for a hot pot meal with Eileen, she was a teacher at the Gold Apple but now works in a another school, she did a huge amount to develop and grow the links between the schools and so is always keen to find out how things are going.

The students are all on homestay now, we have had some photos sent to us, and some calls to say that all are safely there, ready for a weekend, so no blog tomorrow.

There are some great pictures attached that were taken by Penney, one of the teachers who came out with us yesterday.

We hope that you all have a great weekend.

Mr Barwise