Accessing Firefly

Firefly is our school online learning platform which allows parents and students to see various information including work set for completion outside of school.

Yesterday there was a high demand on Firefly's servers to the point that our and other school's Firefly sites went down and they've been working hard to restore it. Firefly is now up and running again, but we are aware that some students and parents are coming across an issue when logging in.

There is a guide to logging into Firefly available by clicking here.

If you are having difficulty logging into Firefly, please try the following steps below:

  • Completely close the web browser and re-open it then try again
  • Pressing Ctrl + F5 a few times on the login page
  • Open an incognito window (Chrome: Ctrl + Shift + N)
  • Clear your web browser's Cache information (go to the browsers settings and find the clear browsing data/cache option)
  • Use a different web browser than you normally use

Following these steps should allow you to access the Firefly learning platform as normal.

We'd like to thank our students for continuing to produce a high level of work during this more challenging period of time and also thank the parents and carers who are supporting them.