Curie House is named after Marie Curie, a physicist and chemist. She was a pioneer in the field of radioactivity and was the first person honoured with two Nobel Prizes, receiving one in physics and later, one in chemistry. She was the first woman to serve as professor at the University of Paris.


Welcome to Curie House

We believe every student is expected to try their very best to achieve all they can at school. At Jack Hunt School the opportunities for learning and growth are extraordinary. I have always valued the importance of extra-curricular activities alongside the regular curriculum and hope Curie students will take advantage of the vast array of opportunities by being involved in as many as possible both inside and outside of school.

Curie House has a dedicated team of personal tutors and Student Support Officer Mrs Brown, who are always ready to help and between them they possess a diverse range of experiences which will support and inspire the students they come into contact with.

We look forward to working with parents/carers and students to ensure that every child makes as much progress as possible in Curie House.


Maggie Brown

Student Support Officer for Curie