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The Legacy Challenge

The Legacy Challenge is designed to enable young people to create their own physical activity and health legacy. There are six challenges for pupils to complete and become a Legacy Champion. If pupils complete all six challenges we hope the following outcomes will be achieved;

  • Pupils will be a positive role model and citizen
  • Pupils will be an active volunteer in school, at home or in the local community
  • Pupils will have a greater understanding of what it means to be healthy and be able put this into practice
  • Pupils will be more physically active by participating in structured competition and sports clubs
  • Pupils will get more involved in unstructured play and leisure time

When pupils complete two challenges they will be awarded a bronze sticker medal, four challenges a silver sticker medal and for all six challenges a gold sticker medal. A pupil will also be awarded Legacy Challenge Champion status for completing all six challenges.

Please use the links and additional resources below to help you on your way with the Legacy Challenge;