HI and PD Specialist Hubs and Centre of Expertise

Hearing Impaired and Physical Disability Specialist Hubs and Centre of Expertise

We have two Specialist Hub Provisions at Jack Hunt School; one for Hearing Impaired learners and the other for learners with Physical Disability.

HI (Hearing Impairment) Hub

The HI Hub is commissioned by Peterborough City Council to provide support to Peterborough schools in meeting the needs of HI learners in mainstream settings.  The Hub works cooperatively with Peterborough's Hearing Impairment service to ensure a cohesive approach across the city. The HI Hub does not provide assessments for individual children but can coach, model and train practitioners in the use of appropriate strategies to support access to learning for HI learners in mainstream schools. 

Within school, this Hub is overseen by an experienced Higher Level Teaching Assistant and delivers specialised provision for learners according to individual need.  The Deaf Aware Teaching Assistants are trained in a range of strategies to ensure the best access possible outcomes for our Deaf learners and they work hard to promote and support the inclusion of the D/deaf learners among their peers.

PD (Physical Disability) Hub

This Hub is overseen by an experienced Higher Level Teaching Assistant who works in close liaison with the NHS Physiotherapy and Occupational Therapy Departments to ensure the most comprehensive care and support for our young people with physical access needs.   The school is equipped with a purpose-built Physiotherapy Room and staff who are trained to support learners’ physical development as well as enabling them to access their learning and achieve their potential.   The Department has four care suites; these are equipped with showers, ceiling-mounted hoists, shower trolleys, toilet support rails and emergency cord facilities.  Our staff are trained in delivering Intimate Personal Care and follow a strict policy in order to ensure learners’ dignity, privacy and safety.

This Hub works closely with teaching staff across the school to ensure that trips and activities are accessible for our learners.  We also have considerable experience in running Disability-accessible sporting activities, such as Boccia and wheelchair Basketball.  We also have close links with Sailability to ensure our learners have opportunities to experience a variety of activities throughout their school career.

How Do I get a place in one of the Hubs at Jack Hunt?

Placements in the HI or PD Hub are via the SEND Panel. Students in the Hubs must have a diagnosis of severe/profound hearing impairment and/or physical disability and must have an Education, Health and Care (EHC) Plan in order to be considered for a place in one of our Hubs. 

Centre of Expertise

As well as providing a very limited number of places for students in the specialist Hubs, Jack Hunt’s Learning Support Department has a key role within the Local Authority as a ‘Centre of Expertise’. This refers to the aspect of practice that aims to build knowledge, expertise and resilience in Jack Hunt and other schools across Peterborough for students with hearing impairment and/or a physical disability. Working closely with the staff from the Local Authority’s SEN and Inclusion Services, the HI and PD Hubs aim to offer a base for information and training to schools and is part of a supportive and collaborative network for sharing best SEND practice. It does this by offering:

  • Drop-in sessions for teachers and teaching assistants;
  • Modelling of approaches and resources which can be used across whole schools to build inclusive culture and practice;
  • Training on a range of topics around deafness, language modification and differentiation and/or physical disability and access issues for a range of teaching and support staff and staff from other schools.

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