Parents Evenings

We welcome parents/carers to speak with subject teachers at our parents evenings on the following dates:

Year Group

Date of Parents Evening

Year 7 To be announced
Year 8 Thursday 26 March 2020
Year 9 Tuesday 14 January 2020
Year 10 Wednesday 6 May 2020
Year 11 Thursday 12 December 2019
Year 12 Thursday 30 January 2020
Year 13 Thursday 10 October 2019

Book Here

Appointments should be made using our online booking system via the button below or students can book directly with their subject teachers if this is not possible.

Appointments cannot be made until we have announced that bookings are open for each evening.  When logging in, you must ensure that all details match those on our school records.

If you have any issues accessing or using the system please contact Miss Jenn Wheatley on 01733 263526


  1. Parent Guide to Booking Appointments