School Meals

Healthy Eating

Within the dining room at Jack Hunt School, we provide food designed to help those who wish to enjoy a healthier diet. Our approach to healthy eating is straight forward and we aim for menu standards which far exceed the government's requirements. These requirements are achieved by various means:

  • Reduction of saturated fats.
  • Removal of salt in the cooking process.
  • Reduction of artificial flavouring and colourings.
  • Bake and grill where possible.
  • Promotion of 5 a day fruit and vegetables.
  • Promotion of information to employees, students and parents.

Cashless Catering Cards

Jack Hunt School runs a cashless catering system. Temporary cards are issued to new students on their first day and once permanent cards have been issued they are retained by students throughout their time here. Students should bring their card each day and they must be retained from one school year to the next.  Lost cashless catering cards must be replaced and are available from the school shop at a cost of £2 each.

Our tills do not accept cash payments. Money can be loaded onto the account by the student via a cash loader or online via ParentPay. We feel there are several advantages to this system, including the following:

  • Students do not have to bring cash to school.
  • It speeds up the service at the tills.
  • Parents know that dinner money is only being spent on a school lunch.
  • Reports are available to parents/carers.

Note: If parents have requested an 'At Home' card, we do not expect to find students visiting local shops or wandering the local area at lunchtime.

Free School Meals

Have you used your free school meal allowance?  Make sure you're not missing out - click here for more details

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