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Student Takeover day 2018

Students from Jack Hunt School head across the city to take part in a variety of job roles.

This year’s Take Over Day has once again been a great success. Students headed across the city to a huge variety of job roles, dipping their toes into the world of work.

Some of our students took on roles at Peterborough Hospital, in a range of different departments. Other roles included Accountancy and Business Admin at Moore Stephens, Practicing and Development Assistance at Greenwood solicitors, Lab Technician at Anglian Water and Chief Inspectors at Thorpe Wood police station. These roles were of great interest to our older students and a chance to get a true insight into potential future careers.

Primary School placements

Some of our most popular external placements were those inside primary schools, getting our students into role reversal, with them planning, teaching and even running the schools in the Head teacher positions. Students were provided with a chance to go back to primary schools they attended to take on roles within Key Stage One and Key Stage Two lessons. These lessons ranged from getting active in PE, helping students learn their phonics, reading, writing and getting creative in art. Not only all this, but they were given the important task of marking work. The students all really enjoyed these placements, and took in a lot of what it takes to run a lesson; learning about the way you have to present yourself to the students, the you talk to pupils depending on the age range and how much patience can be required.


The students also had the opportunity to stay within Jack Hunt School and take over roles of the staff they know and see on a day to day basis. The day started with Headteacher Waqas Shezad, taking Staff briefing, who introduced the other students who were taking lead of the school for the day.


‘I really enjoyed the experience, it is a real eye opener. The most challenging part is how many different directions the head teacher gets pulled in.’ Waqas described the day by saying ‘It’s it like you see the performance on stage, with no idea of the work done behind the scenes’

Waqas was one of the best Head Teachers, and will become a great teacher.’

Mrs Kilbey


Davis, who took over the seclusion unit for the day says ‘Helping the older Year 11 was challenging, but you learn a lot and how hard of a role this really is.’



Greenwood Solicitors

Two students took on roles within Greenwood Solicitors; as Marketing and Digital Media Assistants.

The Marketing role consisted of looking into different aspects of the firm and how to market it to attract new clients, comparing them to local competitors to get the best outcomes. Hasan was involved in a conference call discussing a ‘Digital benchmarking’ report and learning the impact it can have on clients.  ‘I was able to gain advice on how to be unique compared to other candidates and useful tips which will prepare me for studying law at university.’

Madihah commented ‘I would love to go back for more work experience, as the firm was incredibly supportive, informative and engaging!’

Rachael Church, PR and communications from Greenwoods, said “it was a delight to give the students opportunities to experience the world of Greenwoods first hand. We thoroughly enjoyed them!”


Moore Stephens

Moore Stephens took on two students, one more of an administration role binding accounts, scanning documents and saving documents into the electronic filling systems. Whilst the second student looked into the difference between accounts preparation and audits; working on bank analysis for small business, preparing spreadsheets summarising the different expenses. Collecting monthly totals, and having an insight into the accounting software, and the processes from start to finish.


City Hospital

The Peterborough City Hospital is always a popular placement for students and this year was no different. 20 of our sixth form students took on roles from different departments including Radiotherapy, Physiotherapy and the Maternity unit.

Nikki Davis, Widening Participation Officer said: “It is encouraging to see so many young people are interested in working within the health profession. Our staff really enjoy showing the students what it is like to work in the varying departments and give them the opportunity to gain a better insight into what they would like to do in their future career.”

Chris Game, Assistant Headteacher at Jack Hunt School, said:  “Our students always look forward to being able to experience a variety of roles at Peterborough City Hospital. This is a fantastic opportunity for them to gain first-hand experience in a career that they may be considering in the future. Thank you to everyone involved at the hospital for supporting our Take over Day and working with our students."


Thorpe Wood Police Station

This is the first year we have teamed up with the Police station to provide the chance for 4 Sixth Form students to get involved. The roles here included; Area Commander, Chief Inspector and Deputy Chief Inspector.

Christi took on the role of Detective Chief Inspector and had the chance to sit in on briefings which discussed issues of the last 24 hours and how to prepare for the next 24 hours. This included discussions around a selection of crimes of the last month and what needed to be reviewed and improved, alongside the importance of evidence collecting.

Emily took on the role of Chief Inspector Operations, which involved attending local morning meetings, debriefing with Sergeants following different incidences and spending the afternoon on patrol in a marked vehicle.

Inspector Matt Snow praised Emily as ‘a lovely young lady who is a real credit to the school’

Nicola became Area commander for Peterborough/Fenland, looking after force wide management of demand and risk, Identifying high risk suspects for domestic violence, before taking part in a selection of meetings with council members and solicitors.

Finally, Ballal got the chance to step into the role of Chief Inspector of Communications, managing the demands and risks of both the local and force Daily Management Meetings (DMM). The role also included managing the PCSOs, and a debrief of the public order operation (Peterborough United vs Leicester City).

Chief Inspector Nick Church said ‘Ballal was very engaged and interested. I was impressed by his knowledge and ability to grasp complex ideas in a short space of time. A very enjoyable day.’


Primary School Quotes:

‘I have enjoyed learning how children play and learn, and just being around the children’

Muneeka, who was supporting and Art class at Longthorpe Primary


‘Muneeka was very good, she had a calm manner with the children. Muneeka should look into spending more time with children to help develop her role.’

Mrs Beeby – Longthorpe Primary


‘I have really enjoyed seeing what it is like to be a teacher for the day, the most challenging part was talking in front of the class.’

Emily, marking year 6 worksheets at Longthorpe


‘I have really enjoyed helping out the children, the most challenging part was explaining and learning to be patient.’

Manek, supporting a Maths class at Thorpe Primary


‘I have enjoyed, watching the kids enjoy learning, this has been a really good experience.’

Abby, helping students with their reading Middleton


‘I have enjoyed teaching the children, maths and phonics. Getting involved with the super movers’

Lukrecija, Key Stage One at Ravensthorpe


‘The day has been really good. The most challenging part was helping the kids, and learning how intelligent the kids are. The best part was going into a meeting and being back in a primary school.’

Alicia, supporting the Year 6 class at Ravensthorpe



Quotes from Jack Hunt


Maddie, went over to PE to shadow Miss Bracken, assisting with teaching swimming lesson and BTEC PE.

‘Maddie was fab, I wish I could have her help every day.’ Miss Bracken


Renee and Maariya took over the Student Support Officer roles, taking over signing of the reports, Senor Staff Duties. Renee commented ‘Learn a lot of respect and responsibly for the role.’

Maariya attended a meeting with the Senior Leadership Team, completed attendance data, commenting: ‘It’s been a really good learning experience.’



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