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Wrestling Success

Wrestling Coaches inspire students

Wrestling is becoming a fast growing sport across the Peterborough area, but needs more participants!

Over the past few weeks 3 wrestling coaches from Futuwwa Wresting Club have been coming into Jack Hunt School to give training sessions to a selection of the male student body. Keeping it fast moving, they learnt the basics of the Olympic Freestyling sport. Every student who took part was very engaged and enjoyed the experience.

Trevor Hoskin, who ran the session, spoke about how being active and mixing with new people is an incredibly positive experience. "The next step is to get more girls involved with the sport, we already have a third of the competition being female, but the city could always do with a few more. The energy seen during wrestling with the students is incredible, it just seems to come so naturally"

Zain Zahid in Year 9, who is currently a member of the club, attended the English Junior Wrestling Competition on Saturday 2 June 2018, along with over 150 participants. The competition held in Derbyshire included 5 competitors from the Peterborough area. All 5 walked away with winning medals.

Zain was our shining star, walking away with Gold in his category. He has been practicing his sport twice a week at the Gladstone Park Community Centre with his dad for the last 2 years; working on his technic, plyometric and general whole body workout. Entering the competitions are a great way to see the progress of others and help to encourage your own drive to achieve.

Zain says ‘It is a great experience to attend and support your fellow team mates, it’s a real community’ 

The next stage of the competition is to compete in the British Junior Wrestling Championship, where this year is being held in Peterborough and taking in over 200 participants. Congratulation Zain!

Could we be seeing you there?