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Tim Peake Bus Visits Jack Hunt

Students from Year 9 and 10 get a hands on, out of this world experience!

On Thursday 1 November 2018, Jack Hunt School Science Department organised a visit from the Samsung X Science Museum: Space Descent Bus Tour. 

This visit involved approximately 150 students from Years 9 and 10 who were able to work on a variety of different workshops and even some virtual reality activities based on space travel. 

The workshops were located on the bottom deck of the bus where students learnt about how spacecraft are prepared for take-off and completed several simulation activities to launch their own rocket.  The students also heard a presentation and had a chance to ask questions about life on the International Space Station.

On the top deck of the bus our students had a fantastic opportunity to experience a virtual reality decent from the International Space Station down to earth in Tim Peake’s Soyuz capsule.

This was a fantastic experience for the pupils involved and gave them a new perspective of space travel along with a large amount of scientific information.