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Ski Trip to Austria

14 Students from Years 10-13 took to the slopes in the annual Ski Trip to Austria

For the fourth year running we took a February half term ski trip, this year we took 14 students from Years 10-13. We again travelled to Austria however this time to a new resort in Otz and Kuhtai not far down the motorway from St Anton which is where we travelled to in 2017.

After a long bus journey travelling through five countries, we finally arrived in Lanndeck on the Saturday afternoon. We quickly checked in before heading off to get our ski equipment for the week. Students were early to bed on the first night, after being told breakfast was at 7am added to the fact they were still tired from the long journey. The first morning came and the conditions were perfect, considering it was mid-February the weather was surprisingly mild all week and we were very spoilt with the conditions. Students were quickly split amongst the various instructors, some going off to ski straight away whilst others learning the basics on the beginner slopes. This is one of the best bits about the trip for me, we have some students who have never even skied before and by the end of the week they are confident skiers flying down the slopes.

There was some movement of groups but most students had the same instructor for the entire week which they enjoyed and the progress made by all students was fantastic. Myself and Miss Holland had the pleasure of moving round the various groups all week and spending some time skiing with them; whether that be on the snow park, skiing over the bumps in the woods or flying down the various runs around the resort. One day the advanced group got to head over to Kuhtai which was a higher resort around 15 minutes bus journey away, I was lucky enough to go with them and it was a brilliant day, getting in over 18 miles of skiing and hitting speeds of over 60mph! Our intermediate and beginner groups also made fantastic progress throughout the week from being very nervous and cautious on day 1 to virtually skiing the whole resort heading right down to local towns and having to get the gondola back up. Throughout the week we had a number of activities like bowling, swimming, pizza nights and movie nights to keep everyone entertained after a hard day of skiing.

I genuinely love the ski trip and that’s why I try to do it every year, what the students get out of a trip like this is so much more than just learning how to ski. The confidence, independence, teamwork, communication and leadership skills amongst many others that students develop never ceases to amaze me and we hope the students had as much fun as the staff did.

Bring on 2020!

For photos from the trip please head over to the gallery: 

Mr Cooke

Associate Assistant Headteacher