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Jack Hunt Students do MasterChef

Students participate in Jack Hunt School's Master Chef style cooking competition.

Beautiful aroma dispersed around Block 3 on Tuesday, 19th Oct, as 11 of our year 10 students busily prepared and severed several cultural cuisines.

Students were selected to participate in Season 1 of 3 of Jack Hunt’s Master Chef style cooking competition. The students were split into two teams and tasked with preparing and presenting several dishes to be judged by our very own food expert and ex-Curriculum Area Leader of Design and Technology, Mrs Outar.

The day kicked off with a quick reminder of safety procedures in the food rooms, then each team leader, namely, Mrs Ray (Teacher of Food Technology, Cover Supervisor & ex-chef) and Mr Nawaz (Deputy CAL of MFL, Head of Urdu and Community Liaison Officer) respectively, briefed their team and guided them in creating the following:

Team 1: led by Mrs D Ray prepared the following dishes: Cream cheese, mushroom and leek pasta, tomato Bruschetta, orange polenta cake served with lime and orange mascarpone.

Team 2: led by Mr M Nawaz prepared the following dishes: Tawwa Chicken, chick pea curry, red kidney bean curry served with boiled rice and raita.

The students were paired up to create a dish of their choice using chick peas, red kidney beans or black eye beans and one onion, a few spices and two table spoons of oil in just 20 minutes. An amazing array of dishes were presented - demonstrated creativity and ingenuity.

After a great deal of struggle in coming to a decision, Mrs Outar announced the following overall winners for season 1 - Mr Nawaz’s Team in first place and Mrs Ray team coming in second place.

Before the grand feast commenced where students tucked into what they had cooked, Ms Hussain thanked and congratulated the students for working so well in a team and cooking some delicious food.

Ms S Hussain

International Education Coordinator