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Jack Hunt's Got Talent

The talent contest was open to all JHS students and ran over the Christmas holidays. Aleksandra Komiago’s art piece was crowned the winner after receiving over 50% of all votes.

 Forget the X Factor and Britain’s Got Talent, the only contest worth entering this year was JHS’s Got Talent! There were no jeering audience, or stern judges aka Mr Simon Cowell, just a huge array of entries show casing the vast skillset of Jack Hunt students submitted to Ms Hussain via the school’s learning platform.

The talent contest was open to all JHS students and ran over the Christmas holidays with a final entry date of Tuesday, 18th Jan 2022.

Staff were asked to vote for the best entry, and rightly so, were marveled at the array of undiscovered (until now) talent the school has. Due to the sheer amount of talent demonstrated, judging became a very difficult task. Receiving over 50% of all votes Aleksandra Komiago’s art piece and write up was crowned JHS’s Got Talent 2022 winner.

The wining prize was a £20 Love2Shop voucher, and all runner-up students received a signed certificate from CEO and Headteacher Ms Kilbey and Ms Hussain, the school’s International Education Coordinator, along with 10 positive points and a Headteacher’s Postcard. Ms Kilbey was in awe of the student submissions and congratulated all the participants on their outstanding talent. She said, “I would like to say a massive well done to all the students who took part. It takes a great deal of courage and determination to enter a talent show.  I am so proud of all the students’ entries and it was such a delight to witness their talents”.

Winning entry by Aleksandra Komiago