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European Day of Languages Competition

Sixth Form Winners

Back in October we entered the European Day of Languages competition. The results are in!  Every year the Association for Language Learning organises a writing competition for students to showcase their foreign language skills. This year the theme was…Outside my window. They wanted younger language learners to focus on a literal image, related vocabulary, and description (thinking of the window of their choice) and older students to approach the theme more metaphorically, thinking of ecological, social or international issues. This was a NATIONAL competition and Jack Hunt has KS4 and KS5 winners and commendations!

Noran (Year 10) and Safah (Year 11) WON KS4 prizes, beating students from all over the country.

Michael (Year 12), Andrea (Year 12), Mariana (Year 13) and Enric (Year 13) received commendations for their KS5 entries.