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Disability Inclusive Sports Festival June 2023

On Wednesday 28th June, 60 students from 13 Peterborough Schools descended upon Jack Hunt to take part in a Disability Inclusive Sports Festival.

Vivacity, Hunts FA and Cricket East were on hand to deliver accessible sports for SEN students.

Each provider brought adapted equipment to allow all the students to take part in the sports, which were: Football, Athletics, Cricket, Cycling, Archery, Boccia, Kurling and Table Cricket.

Many of the students had not taken part in these sports before, so it was a real treat for them to be able to give them all a go.

Student SENs ranged from Autism, and moderate learning difficulties, to those with visual impairments and wheelchair users with cerebral palsy. Every student was able to get involved and all had a great time.

It was a brilliant opportunity to liaise with staff from other schools – meeting new people and catching up with those already known.

Vivacity, Hunts FA and Cricket East all commented on how brilliantly all the students did throughout the day – and they were all fantastic with every student they met.

Some feedback on the event:

‘It was the best day of my life’

‘The length of the activities was good as it allowed the children to experience it without them losing focus and concentration. Exactly what all our children required’

‘Sign us up for next year!’