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New Year 7 Students - Off to a Flying Start!

New Year 7 students enjoying their first week at Jack Hunt.

 Our new Year 7 students have started the next stage of their academic journey.  They began yesterday (Wednesday 7 September) with a short assembly welcoming them and giving them an overview of what to expect over the coming weeks. After Form time, when they were given their planners and a Sixth Form mentor helped them with finding their feet during their day, the students spent the rest of the day experiencing normal lessons.  There were a lot of happy faces and many of the students were enjoying their first day at Secondary School - long may it continue.


These are just some of the comments the students have made during these first couple of days:

"It was good. I was able to find out where I was going easily." Kattrina Seranno 7NRKT

"I wasn’t nervous but I was a bit worried that I wouldn’t know where ot go. I just asked a couple of people and they were friendly and helpful." Gagan Singh 7NRKT

"When I stepped in through the gates I felt nervous and scared. I didn’t know my way around and I thought that I would get into trouble, but although I was late once the teacher was friendly. I like all the teachers so far and the group that I am with."  Ben Conquest 7NRKT

Today, (Thursday 8 September) students have had a full day of lessons, and although a few of our new Year 7 students have got lost finding their way to classes, there is always someone on hand to redirect them.  Many of them will be tired after their first three days as it is alot to take in - with new lessons; a much larger school and making new friends.  Exciting times.  

 Many of our new starters had already enjoyed the 3-day Transition Week that took place during the first week of the school holidays, where as well as making new friends, students were able to develop new skills and confidence by taking part in a range of sports and educational activities, including swimming; cycling; trampolining; Science and English.

Once again the week was extremely successful with over 160 students taking part, all of whom have completed feedback forms agreeing that they had ‘ Brilliant Fun‘.

Mr Finn taught some of the cycling lessons and discovered that one student had never been able to ride a bike before. Needless to say, he encouraged the student further and she is now proud to say she can ride a bike. A massive achievement completed during the Transition Event - Well Done.


Thank you to all the staff and students who have helped our new starters in Year 7 settle in and get off to a flying start!