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JHS Promotes Health and Wellbeing

Jack Hunt School’s unique leaving tribute to Sixth Form leavers

Jack Hunt School, has gone above and beyond with a unique project launched during covid in 2020 to help Sixth Form leavers on their next journey after secondary school.

Commencing four years ago, the Sixth Form leavers will receive a unique Recipe and Wellbeing Book that includes a wealth of information to help students when they leave Jack Hunt School to go on to university, a gap year or work.  New for this year, each of the 122 students will also receive a ‘Class of 2024’ tote bag that will include a handy re-useable water bottle, cooking utensils, stationery, a stress ball, bookmarks, mindfulness colouring sheets, laptop stickers, year group picture, some personalised school pictures and personalised gifts.

Included in the useful book is a message from the Headteacher, a farewell from the Sixth Form team and guidance and information on mental, emotional and physical health, mindfulness tips, activities and details on support helplines plus 36 easy-to cook nutritious recipes on a budget.

The project led by Ms Sidra Hussain, Internationalism Coordinator from Jack Hunt School explained, that the recipes from around the world included in the book have been written by Jack Hunt School students and staff as well as their partner school, Derfoufi School in Agadir, Morocco. 

The recipe writing competition ignited students' culinary creativity and literary prowess as they crafted delectable dishes on paper. This whole school competition empowered each participant to showcase their unique culinary vision, fostering a sense of individuality and skill refinement in recipe crafting.

Ms Sidra Hussain said: “I'm excited to continue our longstanding commitment to promoting holistic wellbeing and cultural diversity through our Year 13 Wellbeing Project. For the past four years, we have been dedicated to offering our students accessible, nutritious recipes alongside invaluable wellbeing resources. Our recipe book features an array of affordable, easy-to-make dishes inspired by diverse cultures, complemented by tips and activities aimed at enhancing mental, physical and emotional wellness. This year with the help of a grant of £1500 received from Tesco, we introduced our wellbeing goody bag. This bag is packed with mindfulness essentials, as part of our ongoing mission to support our school community in leading healthier, more fulfilling lives.”

Mr Jon Hebblethwaite, Headteacher of Jack Hunt School commented: “We are very proud of all our Sixth Form leavers, and we wish all of our students the very best.  Often, leaving secondary school to go to their next chapter of their lives can be daunting, and this book aims to give some guidance to help them with their health and wellbeing.”

In the book, Mr Hebblethwaite said: “This fantastic book is packed full of great recipes and wellbeing tips. Eating well and looking after your physical and mental health is so important, and this book will certainly help you do this. All too often, we neglect to eat well, especially in the busy modern world where it is all too easy to rely on ready meals and take-away fast-food options. This book is designed to give you some ideas for simple and inexpensive recipes that you can make and share. There are lots of great wellbeing tips too, something that we all need to be mindful of.”

The Recipe and Wellbeing book and Class of 2024 tote bag will be given to the students at their leavers’ assembly on May 24th 2024.