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Aims & Values

Jack Hunt School exists to provide high quality learning and teaching in a supportive and caring environment to develop the potential of each learner.

This will be achieved through the following aims and values


  • Personalised learning leading to enjoyment, success and achievement for all
  • A safe, healthy, orderly, sustainable and cohesive school community
  • Effective engagement with our learners, parents, local communities and partners
  • A positive, proactive approach to innovation and continuous improvement for all.

These aims are under-pinned by the following values.


  • The uniqueness of each individual
  • Respect for self, others, school expectations, property and the environment
  • Self discipline
  • Respect for religious and cultural diversity (being different, belonging together)
  • Equality of opportunity
  • Loyalty, trust and honesty
  • Commitment, hard work, high aspiration and achievement
  • Recognition and celebration of success
  • Individual responsibility and citizenship

Peterborough Keys Academies Trust Vison and Values

The attributes and values below are the expected practice we aspire to develop and embed in the pupils, students and adults of the Peterborough Keys Academies Trust

  • Our Key to unlocking our Personal Best
    We will challenge, support and inspire each other and ourselves to achieve our personal best.
  • Our key to unlocking Leadership
    We form positive relationships and grow ourselves as leaders.
  • Our Key to unlocking Learning
    We collaborate to create deep, independent and resilient learners.
  • Our Key to unlocking Opportunities
    We make the most of every opportunity open to us
  • Our Community Key
    We are caring citizens who engage with the world and change it for the better
  • Our Key Operations underpin this in that
    Our learning environment is safe and inspirational.