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Our curriculum aims to improve the life chances and opportunities of our students. It’s designed to match the aspirations of our community, both engendering in our pupils a love of their subjects and the process of learning and giving our students a transformative experience through a broad and knowledge-rich curriculum. This ties closely into our mission statement – ensuring that all our students are well-educated, of good character, and are ready for ambitious next steps.  When it comes to ensuring our students are successful, we believe that it’s the curriculum that matters most – what pupils actually learn which will help them have successful and fulfilling lives. 

Our curriculum allows students to ‘acquire knowledge that takes them beyond their experience… knowledge which many will not have access to at home, among their friends, or in the communities in which they live’ (Michael Young). We believe that this knowledge empowers: it gives students the confidence to learn more, think both critically and creatively, and to be able to participate in society. Powerful knowledge is a question of social justice: children need this knowledge to understand and interpret the world, and without it they are dependent on those who have it. It ensures our pupils can ‘hold their own’ and compete when they leave Jack Hunt School.

We want our students to be excited about what they have learned and to leave them wanting to know more. Our curriculum is designed to foster curiosity, so that our pupils identify the knowledge that they acquire not merely as a means to an end but as a source of interest and enjoyment in itself.