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Ethos & Values

Our mission is to significantly improve the life chances of all our students.  We want to reduce social and educational inequality.  We do this by striving hard to make sure that every student is well-educated, of good character, and is ready for ambitious next steps.

Our three core values are:

Hard work, Integrity and Kindness. 

The culture that has been established is about a persistent focus on high standards in EVERY aspect of school life: learning, behaviour, attitude, uniform, attendance and punctuality. We insist upon consistency and a commitment to shared values – by individuals, groups and the whole community. We will always challenge anything that is less than the very best that each individual can give.

We instil in our students from the start a sense of integrity and confidence. Every adult in our community is a role model; every student is a role model, and we all have the opportunity and responsibility to have a positive impact on the lives of others. We all ‘walk the talk’ and create a positive learning environment in all that we do. We give trust and respect at all times and ensure that students have fun and are happy in their learning. This ethos has established a success culture that we celebrate at every opportunity.