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For more information on exams please see the Jack Hunt School Exam Candidate Handbook





If the school is closed due to bad weather, students sitting Exams should make every effort to make it to school as EXAMS WILL STILL BE TAKING PLACE


Exam Results Summer 2019

Arrangements for Year 11 and Year 13 students to collect exam results from summer 2019 exams are as follows:


A Level Results Day:

Thursday 15 August 2019


Dining Hall, Jack Hunt School

GCSE Results Day:

Thursday 22 August 2019


Dining Hall, Jack Hunt School


Please note: GCSE results Day is for Year 11s only; any Year 10 students who took exams will be given their results on return to school in September.

On both days, members of teaching staff will be on hand to give advice and help to anyone who has any queries or issues relating to their results. They will also be able to advise students who are not happy with their results what next steps they can take.

If you cannot attend in person on results day to collect your results please contact our Exams Manager, Mrs Paice, by 19 July to discuss options for collecting results.


Exam Certificates for Year 11 and Year 13 Leavers in 2019
Certificates for GCSE/A Level exams for students who left school in June 2019 will be given out at Presentation Evening in December 2019. After this event, certificates will be available to collect from school. A signature is required on collection or we can accept a signed letter of permission for certificates to be collected by someone on your behalf.
It is important to collect your exam certificates when they are available and keep them safe. You will need them for education and work opportunities in the future.
Message to All Students from Years 11, 12 and 13 who Left Prior to 2019
If you have not already collected your exam certificate they may still be available for collection from school. You will need to sign for them but we can also accept a signed letter of permissions for certificates to be collected by someone else on your behalf.
Please be aware the we do not have to keep certificates for more than 12 months and awarding bodies will charge for obtaining copies of results.