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Impact of year 7 catch up funding

Allocation: £34,000

Staffing: £22,500

One teacher works with the year 7 nurture and fresh start groups. This includes students who arrive below a level 4c and need targeted support to ensure their integration into mainstream lessons.

Allocated for resources: £9,500

Maths and English

All students eligible for catch up premium are invited to an after school Maths and English booster club on a Tuesday and Thursday.

All catch up students receive a KS3 revision book in Maths, English or both.


Accelerated Reader

One lesson per week in year 7 is now devoted to the Accelerated Reader programme. This tests students reading levels and suggests appropriate reading material, then testing student understanding of the text after they have read it.

Reading intervention

Students identified as achieving below a level 4 at KS2 Reading tests and who have low scores on the Star Reading tests which are part of Accelerated Reader receive one to one and small group intervention both from learning support and HLTAs within English. Students are retested termly and groups adapted accordingly.



One lesson per week in year 7 is now devoted to numeracy. Schemes of work have been adapted and students focus on the key skills which underpins their mathematical understanding.

Numeracy intervention

Catch up students who have not already been identified as part of the nurture or fresh start groups, take part in numeracy intervention sessions with a Maths teacher. These groups are adapted following regular assessment. Progress in these groups is monitored using the Accelerated Maths programme.

Future plans

Year 6 students from feeder Primary schools who are targeted to achieve below a L4 or equivalent in upcoming SAT exams will receive booster sessions from Maths teachers at Jack Hunt School.

Parents of catch up students will be invited to take part in sessions which will share the techniques used to teach literacy and numeracy so that they can support their children at home. 


2015/16 Impact table


End of KS2 mean level in English/Maths

End of Year 7 mean level in English/Maths











English – 4c

Maths – 3b

(New KS3 assessment system means that Steps have been converted to levels)