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Gifted and Talented

Jack Hunt has been a Lead School for Gifted and Talented Education since 2009 and more recently it was awarded the title of “G&T Hub site” from Excellence East. The role of the hub site is to offer CPD sessions to other teaching staff across the East of England and provide challenging sessions for students. Over time we have developed very close links with Cambridge and Anglia Ruskin Universities, ensuring our students are given chances to flourish, not only at school but also outside of the classroom.  On these trips our students have had the chance to work alongside both lecturers and University students.

Our higher attaining students take an active role in improving the learning and teaching that takes place across the school. Students take part in lesson observation, planning and whole school research and student voice is an essential part of curriculum innovation.

 Within School we run several programmes for high prior attainers (HPAs) with particular focus on academic mentoring. Key Stage Four students are invited to attend Challenge clubs in both English and Maths and are invited to lectures at Cambridge university and with the PIXL6 programme in order to consider their academic futures.  Key Stage Five students attend Master Classes provided by our Trust Partner university as well as Cambridge, Lincoln and Bedford universities.  The Extended Project Qualification with one to one supervision is also offered to our higher attaining sixth form students.

We were very pleased to see two of our students take up places at Cambridge University in 2016 and continue to run mentoring and interview sessions for those Key Stage Five students in order to ensure that all students are able to reach their potential when they leave Jack Hunt School.

Identification of students takes place throughout their time at Jack Hunt with departments being asked annually to update those considered talented in their subject. Our HPA register consists of 3 different levels; students on the Gold register have an NFER score within the top 20% of the national figure, students who attained Level 5 across the board at Key Stage 2 are placed onto the Silver register,  and students who receive one or more subject nominations are placed onto the Bronze register. For our new Year 7 intake, students who were in the top quartile nationally in the Reading, SPAG and Mathematics tests at KS2 are placed onto the silver register.

At Jack Hunt School we believe that every student has something special to offer and do our best to nurture their talents and interests. We recognize that HPA students have a key role to play in making our school the best learning community it can possibly be and in ensuring that all our young people achieve their aspirations.